What Are The Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet is a medical condition that can present itself at birth or later on in life. Its development in later stages of life is usually associated with strenuous activities that can cause wear and tear on the feet. The normal formation of the arch involves the curving of bones in the feet, held together by tendons, ligaments, joints and muscles. The arch plays a very important role in absorbing the shock generated in the lower limbs while standing or in motion.

This cushioning effect is lost in people with flat feet and so these individuals are exposed to suffering injuries due to the buildup of tension from the hips, knees and ankles. Without an arch, pressure and shock are usually distributed to other parts of the feet and result in intense pain.

Finding a pair of shoes for flat feet requires a bit of knowledge of the things to look for, as well as your personal preference. The following points highlight the main components of a good pair of shoes for flat foot.

Stricken With Flat Feet – What To Look For In a Pair of Shoes

Support: the best shoes for flat feet are designed with added support to compensate for the absence of a normal arch. These shoes absorb the shock from the lower limbs and reduce the chances of developing pain and injuries in the feet. To test for the presence of extra support, you can simply run your fingers along the insoles of the shoes. Towards the center of the shoes, you should be able to feel a firm incline in the material if an arch support is present. For customers making online purchases, be sure to look for the caption “added support”, which implies that the shoes were made with adequate arch support.

Stability: the ideal pair of flat feet shoes must provide stability to the feet while standing or in motion. Flat feet causes people to adopt a very dangerous posture while in motion. Usually, their ankles turn inwards while walking or running and this occurrence predisposes them to injuries. Some of the best sneakers for flat feet are designed to promote proper feet stability. Some manufactures have even developed a motion control feature for providing added support to the ankles, while ensuring that they remain in their normal position.

Isolating the Top 4 Running Shoes for People with Flat Feet

Taking these important aspects into consideration, we have shortlisted four of the top flat feet running shoes currently available on the market, two women’s running shoes and two men’s running shoes. Let’s take a closer look at each one to help you confirm your choice.

Brooks Women’s Ravenna 4


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This best buy is the absolute solution for flat feet that won’t leave you disappointed. It is ingeniously designed with a mid-foot capture mechanism, along with an inbuilt saddle for providing optimum support along the contours of the feet. The Ravenna 4 made by Brooks is crafted from top quality synthetic materials, and sports cushioning outsoles that absorb the shock generated while walking or running. This prototype of shoes makes an ideal pair of sneakers for flat feet, not to mention, the price range is affordable.

Asics Men’s GT – 2000


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For the guys looking to maintain their fitness levels, while sporting a touch of class, the GT – 2000 is just the right choice. This shoe features a combined leather and synthetic upper, firmly attached to a durable rubber sole. This shoe is fitted with a DuoMax Support System for optimum feet support. In addition, rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning systems provide adequate cushioning and shock absorption.  The GT -2000 is designed to stabilize feet with mild to moderate over–pronation, making them an ideal choice for flat feet running shoes. In a lot of respects, these shoes remind me of the New Balance running shoes that people opt for if they have dropped arches.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12


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This shoe is a serious runner’s dream, perfect for the over-pronator and one that experiences bouts of occasional heel pain. This version of the Mizuno collection has been designed with many appealing qualities that make it standout as one of the best running shoes for flat feet. The Wave Alchemy 12 features a premium quality synthetic upper and sole, with a full length midsole ventilation system that prevents the buildup of humidity and heat. This footwear boasts Mizuno Wave Technology that guarantees optimum cushioning. The Wave Alchemy 12 is also fitted with an X -10 outsole that optimizes stability of the feet.

Saucony Women’s Hurricane 15


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This is a good shoe for people with flat feet and/or plantar fasciitis because it has all the elements that people need to reduce the pain. It uses a Sauc-fit system to firmly lock the heel into place in the rear, known as heel-locking technology. The mid-foot is then securely fit over the midsole, while the front end offers the extra space and flexibility you need.  It’s a shoe that can be worn by over-pronators. This Saucony contains a ComfortLite sockliner that helps with breathability and odor.

Flat feet is not a condition to take lightly and the fact of the matter is you’ll have to take note of what shoes do the best job of adjusting to your feet to make your jog worth it and pain-free. The ones listed here are a great start and based on the reviews you can’t go wrong giving them your best shot to find a pair of flat feet shoes you’ll be happy with.


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