What Are Orthotic Shoes?

Orthotics have become widely known for their value in offering both relief and foot support for people with plantar fasciitis. Researching and understanding the options you have, before you purchase an orthotic, will help you decide which shoe orthotics are best for you. Factors to consider when choosing the right plantar fasciitis orthotics include the pain level and the location of the pain. People with minimal pain in their foot will typically only need to buy orthotic inserts to place inside their shoes, one that you can get over the counter or a custom made insert. A person with a higher level of pain may need to purchase an orthotic shoe that can be worn daily during a normal routine.

A Closer Look at Shoe Orthotics

Shoe inserts are simply added foot support that slides under your foot inside your shoe. There is a bit of confusion about inserts and orthotics — one provided to you by your doctor custom-made is considered an orthotic device. If not, it’s simply a shoe insert. Either one can make a world of a difference in every step you take, helping to improve flat arches, foot and leg pain. Every step is cushioned and gives you a wonderful sense of comfort, however, they will not be able to heal foot problems you have, only reduce the pain.

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Fortunately, there are a number of shoes on the market that are specially designed for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Asics brand of shoes is well known for supplying products that improve the well-being of their consumers. The company’s focus is primarily on athletic shoes for all types of athletes. However, Asics also carries a line of shoes that can be considered orthotics for plantar fasciitis. This line of shoes offers a variety of products that allow the body to easily complete athletic activities or daily workouts even with the condition. The  shoes act as an orthotic and alleviate pain that would typically be felt by a person with plantar fasciitis. By adding products that are competitive in the shoe orthotics market, Asics has become a standout brand to wear.

The Best Orthotic Shoes in the Market

After researching product designs and doing extensive testing, Asics has come out with multiple products to help align the body, support the foot and ankle, and prevent further damage. Asics has a rich history supporting both the sports and sport runner community and applies this knowledge and expertise to their line of therapeutic orthotic products. This gives their customers the ultimate set of decisions when choosing which orthotic product they need in order to be comfortable and suit their personal lifestyle and activity requirements.

I’d like to also point you to our list of Orthaheel shoes for men and women that are also designed exclusively for plantar fasciitis sufferers. They all have great reviews and use patented breakthrough technology in the formation of their shoes.

ASICS Women’s GEL-Contend Running Shoe 


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The ASICS Women’s GEL-Contend Running Shoe includes a rubber sole and gel cushioning system that makes this the ultimate option for orthotic shoes. The removable sockliner allows the user to choose the right plantar fasciitis orthotics to insert into the shoe that meet their specific needs. The mesh feature of the shoe offers breathability and allows you to stay cool during your long run or workout. The lightweight of the shoe is designed with an entry level runner or walker in mind. Reflective strips on the outside of the shoe provide safety in low-light conditions and allow you to run during a time that is convenient in your schedule. Different shapes and sizes of orthotics for plantar fasciitis can be used inside this shoe giving the consumer the chance to create the best orthotic shoe for their foot.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 16 Shoe


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This version of Asics classics adds a touch of innovation to the regular design and technology. The use of asymmetrical lacing design enhances comfort, while the presence of a guidance line makes walking and running a whole lot smoother. Proper arch support, shock absorption and cushioning are provided by the Discrete Heel Unit, the Impact Guidance System, the Space Trusstic System and the Duomax support system. The presence of mesh in the upper helps to maintain adequate airflow within the shoes and further contributes to the overall flexibility of the same.  The Asics men’s Gel Kayano 16 plantar fasciitis shoes are available to all at reasonably affordable price.

Choosing Asics for your shoe orthotics needs will help you manage your pain and be stylish at the same time. While consulting with a podiatrist will be the first step in understanding and addressing your level of pain and what type of product is right for you, a sure next step is to review the options ASICS offers for addressing the specific daily footwear needs of those who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Consider your daily routine and extra curricular activities to help you decide on which product you ultimately need. The company is always improving their products based on user experience. Therefore, a consumer can feel confident when buying orthotic shoes from Asics.



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