Wearing a Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

There are thousands of people who suffer from pain in the plantar fascia or heel spur of the foot. While the pain can be considerable, traditional medical methods of using pain killing drugs or even surgery to attempt to repair the damage and relieve the pain are simply not practical for a substantial number of these people. They’re looking for other, more traditional ways, to alleviate the pain they feel during the day, at night, but especially in the morning. It’s the ever-present first step out of bed that is the most susceptible to irritation of the plantar fascia. The tissue typically is in a resting stage, and a sudden burst out of bed can cause the muscle to react poorly.

Fortunately, there has been success found with products such as a night splints for plantar fasciitis. A splint, boot or brace for plantar fasciitis is a relatively simple, inexpensive device that is used at night while the patient is sleeping to provide pain relief. The plantar fasciitis brace holds the food in place while stretching the area around the plantar fasciitis region in order to prevent the pain from reoccurring. This means a full night’s sleep and waking up pain free. This also means regular daily activity, and even more strenuous activity like performing running sprints can be done without pain.

Top 2 Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis

What follows are two examples of night splints for plantar fasciitis that have been designed, tested and approved which work during the night to prevent the pain while only costing a fraction of the high dollar models. Let’s take a look.

Medium Bird & Cronin Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint


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This particular product gently stretches the plantar fasciitis as well as the Achilles tendon to help alleviate the pain in the arch and heel area of the foot. This splint is very lightweight, easy to use and features center release buckles that help make securing the device simple. The low profile shell keeps the foot in place while the open-aspect of the split means that the foot can breathe and maintain normal temperature. This splint is designed to be worn at night so that the plantar fasciitis can constantly be stretched for greater pain relief. The low weight and easy adjustments makes it very comfortable to wear. It comes in different sizes to accommodate everyone’s size preference.

Active Ankle DNS Dorsal Night Splint


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This dorsal night split is a very lightweight, slender device that is placed over the foot and ankle area to hold the foot in a neutral position. This particular design was inspired by other types of splints that used bulky, heavier materials to keep the foot in place. Many patients found them to be uncomfortable and didn’t wear them to bed. As this splint uses fewer materials than others of its type, it provides more comfort when sleeping. It’s a simple, less complicated splint that absolutely does the trick. It’s well designed for those suffering from pain in the plantar fasciitis region, this split also works well for those with ankle sprains, muscular strains or other conditions where a splint can be useful.

Doctors may recommend boots and braces that come from a pricey foot specialist’s recommendation, and while those may help out your pain, you can count on paying out the nose for those types. There are cheaper options in the sub $40 range that will perform the same functions as the pricier ones. It’s not like the more expensive ones also cut your nails and massage your feet. They all perform the same basic role to stretch the fascia and once you give it a try for a few nights, you’ll discover the next morning is a breeze compared to what you’re accustomed to prior to the plantar fasciitis night splints. Combined with superior shoes for plantar fasciitis and you’re well on your way to pain free days.

How Does a Plantar Fasciitis Splint Do the Trick?

While a plantar fasciitis boot is only a partial answer until the area can properly heal or be corrected with special footwear over time, it does address the pain and stiffness that occurs during the night when the Achilles tendon and heel spur area tend to draw in. It’s simply a boot-like structure that you slide your foot into, angling your foot every so gently to maintain a basic fascia stretch. Getting a proper night splint to address plantar fasciitis will greatly help to relieve and even prevent the pain from occurring. Wearing a night splint as you retire for the evening is a smart proposition and combined with a plantar fasciitis sock can really work wonders.

Finding the right type of night splint however does take a little work. While there are some that cost in the hundreds of dollars, there are others that have worked quite well for thousands of people that are really affordable and worth trying out before you opt for anything more expensive. They all generally have the same purpose — keep you fascia stretched out during the night. As with many devices, the cost is not so much the issue as the overall quality of materials used in the construction of the plantar fasciitis boot.


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