Understanding the Advantages of Using Premier Arch Support

Your feet may be small, but they are charged with the very large task of supporting your weight throughout the day. It’s a heavy burden to place on them, and one which can result in all different kinds of arch problems. When things do go wrong and you start to experience issues with your feet, the pain involved can make it very hard tom stay mobile for extended periods of time. The problem here is very often with your arches, which is where arch support shoes can help. Plantar fasciitis and arch pain go hand in hand, and before the pain in your arch becomes unbearable, there are ways to reduce the pain and be more comfortable in your stride.

Rather than paying a small fortune to have all of your shoes specially made for your specific foot problems, you can slip in inserts that provide good arch support throughout the day. Many use these as a permanent solution, while others go the temporary route until they can find the best arch support shoes that will help them overcome their foot problems. The latter group tend to be working professional who spend the large majority of the day on their feet and who have a job that requires them to be mobile. The former group will find high quality inserts may perform better than any arch support shoe on the market. For many, it becomes trial and error, but for affordability, foot arch supports are much cheaper than a pair of plantar fasciitis shoes.

What is the Best Foot Arch Support Insert to Use?

Now you know the type of support this is required so lets take a look at what type of arch supports are most commonly used and are extremely popular with people who need them the most.

The Spenco Arch Support


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There are all kinds of different inserts out there, but perhaps none as effective as the Spenco Orthotic Full Length Arch Support. As the name suggests, these inserts run the length of your foot to provide complete and total support for your feet. They are made from a unique material that absorbs a great deal of the shock that your feet are forced to face on a daily basis. They are also antimicrobial so that feet odor and blistering are prevented when you have to wear the arch supports for extended periods of time. There are currently 7 different sizes available so that you can ensure that the one you choose is best suited to fit your foot perfectly.

Superfeet Green Premium Insoles


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These Superfeet plantar fasciitis insoles are made from synthetic material and provide maximum support for medium to high arches. They are ingeniously designed with a friction control top that minimizes the chances of developing blisters. The Superfeet Green Premium insoles constitute one of the best shoe insoles currently available for outdoor enthusiasts. With an inbuilt encapsulating stabilizer system, these insoles provide optimum support for even the most challenging of terrains. They are also fitted with foundation high density foam that promotes shock absorption and prevent moisture buildup. These insoles are coated with an Agion antimicrobial treatment that fights off odor causing germs. The price range is affordable, with special discounts also available.

Spenco Polysorb Total Support Inserts

One look at these Total Support inserts and you’ll have a strong inkling that these are going to do the trick. Spenco refers to it as a total support system, meant to completely condition your foot, and specifically your arch, for advanced arch support and superior heel cupping. It uses what is called a 3-PODTM Cushioning system to distribute the shock throughout the shoe and padding. The forefoot crash pad is another added bonus to assist with further cushioning near the ball of your foot. The are also designed to give you better forward movement propulsion. Spenco arch supports are one of the best and most respected in the marketplace.

Don’t neglect the importance of arch support. If you have flat feet or need additional support in your shoe, be sure to try one of these options. They are cheap, resilient, and work like a charm.

Shoes with arch support will help you feel more comfortable, as they provide the support you need for all 4 arches in your feet. That last little number may come as a surprise, as you only see a single arch when you look at the soles of your feet. The four different arches are as follows:

  • Inner Longitudinal Arch – This is an incredibly flexible arch that runs from the heel to the ball of your foot.
  • Outer Longitudinal Arch – This particular arch is actually quite rigid and is responsible for providing much of the stability your feet need when weight is place on them.
  • Transverse Arch – This arch is found running across the heel behind your in-step, and is almost like a shock absorber for your feet.
  • Metatarsal Arch – This arch is found on the ball of your feet and is much like your hand in the way it operates, as it is formed by the 5 metatarsal heads that are located in the ball of the feet.


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