How to Choose New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can be extremely painful for people of all ages and sizes but is most common in adults. Fortunately, there are steps a person can take to alleviate aspects of this condition and make the pain more manageable. Shoes are a part of these first important steps. Finding the right shoes to wear for daily use, running, and walking will allow you to feel more comfortable during these activities. Shoes that are especially made to help this condition should be the first option that a person with plantar fasciitis should look into for their next purchase. The right shoes will ultimately help a person heal correctly in a normal amount of time.

Highlighting the Top Two Plantar Fasciitis Shoes Made by New Balance

New Balance is one of the most reputable shoe brands on the market, and they have an outstanding reputation for shoes specifically made for people with flat feet and require arch and heel support. If New Balance is the brand you desire, let’s take a close look at the two that will certainly bring relief to your day:

New Balance Women’s WX856 Training Shoe

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The New Balance Women’s WX856 Training Shoe comes highly recommended among people with this flat feet and/or plantar fasciitis. This shoe includes a leather exterior, an EVA strobel board, and a seamless lining making this shoe the ultimate choice for people with no arch in their foot. The all-day comfort insole and external heel counter makes it the perfect option to wear and workout in daily. Standing, walking, and running – all three will be supported rather nicely by this training shoe. The included ROLLBAR feature of this shoe allows a person to make minimal foot movement while working out. This New Balance plantar fasciitis shoe has become more popular recently due to the range of motion and level of comfort-ability it offers the consumer.

New Balance Women’s WW928 Health Walking Laced Shoe

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Another great option that New Balance offers to people with flat feet is the New Balance Women’s WW928 Health Walking Laced Shoe. The C-Cap and N-ERGY material used in the sole give you the ultimate shock absorption and cushion for people with flat feet or no arch in their foot. This New Balance plantar fasciitis shoe has a large rubber sole offering extreme stability in all weather conditions and control in motion. The wider width of the shoe  and leather material allow breath-ability for your feet while walking, making it the ultimate choice for comfort. The design of this shoe is made for people who walk for long periods of time or people who will spend a large amount of time on their feet during daily use.

People turn to New Balance because they’ve worn them all their live and they know exactly what they’re going to get. A durable, reliable, and great looking shoe that will last the test of time while managing your flat feet pain.

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What Are New Balance Shoes Known For?

New Balance is the leading provider for athletic shoes for people worldwide. Their ultimate goal is to provide products that every type of person can wear. The company understands the importance that each person has different needs and wants. New Balance provides shoes for plantar fasciitis and has become widely known to people who suffer from having flat feet or feet with minimal arch. The shoes are not only designed to help manage plantar fasciitis but can also help prevent pain from the condition when worn routinely. By offering multiple styles and options for shoes, consumers are able to decide on a shoe that best meets their needs, fashion tastes, and lifestyle.

The New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis are known to be the optimum choice for people with this condition. Consider all of the benefits that these shoes have to offer before making your next shoe purchase. When weighing all of your options, there’s a strong likelihood that these shoes will be your best choice in the end. By choosing one of the many stylish and comfortable shoe options, you’ll be taking a great first step in managing your plantar fasciitis.


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