Finding the Best Women’s Shoes for Flat Feet

Many women in the world have a condition commonly known as flat feet. Another popular name for this condition is the medical term plantar fasciitis, where the entire foot comes in close contact with the ground. This happens when tendons become overstretched for long periods at a time. It’s a painful and annoying condition that seems to be fine for days or weeks, but one wrong step or an abundance of activity can activate the pain once again. Over time, the condition can heal when the right steps are taken. The first step is to purchase the right shoes for flat feet. Many companies sell orthotic shoes and inserts that can help with flat feet. By researching and weighing all of the benefits of each brand, finding the best women’s running shoes for flat feet can be simple.

While there are more than just 2 shoes on the market that will help provide support for your flat feet, there are two in particular that stand out and provide running shoes for women who suffer from this condition. Brooks Shoes spend their days researching and critiquing their products to best suit their runner audience. They believe that with the right shoe anything can be done. By offering outstanding shoes that support the foot correctly, their reputation has grown quickly. The second respectable company is Mizuno USA shoe company. They are known for producing high quality footwear for all sports and athletic activities. Their motto is that no one should ever settle for an average footwear product. Consumers deserve the best and that is what they offer.

Top 2 Flat Feet Shoes for Women

Either one of these forthcoming shoes will satisfy your foot’s needs for extra arch support and comfort. They were both specifically designed for this issue and help soften the blow of each stride. Let’s dig into the two shoes now.

Brooks Women’s Ravenna 4 Running Shoe


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Many of the best running shoes for women with flat feet typically feature extra cushion and flexibility than most shoes. The Brooks Women’s Ravenna 4 Running Shoe provides exceptional comfort by adding an adjustable band to the top that envelops the foot. The strap can be loosened or tightened depending on your need or activity being performed. Shoes for women with flat feet can be hard to find in stylish designs and colors but this running shoe meets the requirement. While adding the extra support and the flexibility needed in running shoes for women suffering from plantar fasciitis, it is still comfortable while not overly soft.

Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoe


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Yet another excellent option for shoes for women with flat feet is the Mizuno Wave Inspire Running Shoe. This is considered one of the best running shoes for those suffering from flat feet because of the mesh around the exterior. The mesh on the exterior of the shoe allows the runner to feel lightweight and comfortable during athletic activities while still offering proper support. This stylish running shoe is meant for women with moderately flat feet. The sole of the shoe is designed to mold to your foot and make it easier to run or walk longer distances and for those women who spend much of their day standing on their feet. Women with narrow or flat feet will find this shoe superior to other options on the market.


Understanding the available orthotic options that can help treat plantar fasciitis is important for a woman who wants to make the best decision on her shoe purchase the first time. There is a wide variety of options on the market, but understanding the best options offered by leading footwear providers can make this decision substantially easier. By choosing either one of the options provided by Brooks Shoes or Mizuno USA, consumers can feel confident in their purchase and know they are selecting a high quality piece of footwear. Both companies offer footwear that is both functional, stylish, and respected by numerous women who have found relief from plantar fasciitis.

Your plantar fasciitis stemming from your flat feet condition can be managed quite well by doing all the little things correctly and on a schedule. Night splints and sleeves are also added components that will absolutely make a difference at night and during the day. Simply add them to your routine and you’re all set. These Brooks and Mizuno shoes will also make a world of a difference, and you’ll be able to tell the moment you put them on and taking your first few steps. Good luck in your decision!


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