Discovering Ideal Orthaheel Shoes and Orthotics

For those suffering from plantar fasciitis pain or other issues with their feet, Orthaheel shoes provide a potent, non-medical alternative that can properly address the issues they were having with their feet. (Recently they’ve transitioned to Vionic Shoes). By using Orthaheel footwear, a person suffering from plantar fasciitis can now stand and walk with less or sometimes even no pain at all depending on their particular condition.

Diving Into 2 Great Options for Shoes Made by Orthaheel

For those who are currently suffering from plantar fasciitis, getting fit with a pair of Orthaheel shoes may provide the relief that you’ve been seeking. Let’s take a look at the top 2 shoes in the marketplace today:

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Walker


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Featuring an outer casing of leather and flexible polyester mesh for durability while letting the feet breathe, this particular design is very well crafted. Water-resistant, yet flexible and designed for those suffering with foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis it features a biomechanical orthotic EVA insole. Plus, it also offers proper foot cradling arch support and a heel cup deeper than found on most shoes so that the foot can stay in proper alignment all through the walking motion. This is a very well designed shoe that’s perfect for walking or wearing around the house and it keeps each foot comfortable and for many, with far less pain than standard footwear. There are claims that this shoe runs small so be sure to choose the next size up from what you’re accustomed to.

Orthaheel Women’s Action Walker


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This particular shoe is a rugged, heavy-duty, but stylish walking shoe well suited for those with foot ailments, including suffering from plantar fasciitis. The leather exterior and breathable mesh combination keeps the foot cool while the foam-padded lining provides added interior comfort. This is a very well constructed shoe designed to last while providing comfort and pain-relief. It even has antimicrobial treatment to keep it fresh as well. Whether you walk or stand, this particular shoe provides the proper position for the feet, ample cushion to protect the heel spur area and a traction rubber outsole with flex grooves to promote the natural movement of walking. Overall, this is a superb design that is well crafted and built to last.

If you’re familiar with Orthaheel shoes these are real no-brainer. The number of positive reviews and the associated low cost make these the kind of shoes you must try out to give your some plantar fasciitis relief. Being proactive both during the day with a sock for plantar fasciitis, and at night with a plantar fasciitis brace will give you the total 24 hour support and treatment to make your life less stressful.

If you’re looking for a little more relief inside your current shoes, opt for specially designed Orthaheel orthotics that will give you an extra boost and more protection, using a re-inforced, hardened plastic shell to assist with motion control and stability. You won’t be sorry giving these a try.

For the truly casual wearers, grab yourself some comfortable slippers with arch support when you are walking around the house biding your time.

Orthaheel Shoes History and Current Technology

The Vionic Group is well known and respected for being a maker of consumer and medical footwear. They bring a renewed sense of innovation and recent technology to the brands of shoes customers buy for plantar fasciitis, all supported by Vionic/Orthaheel breakthrough technology. Each shoe has essential stability (deep heel cup), addictive support (innovative biomechanical footbed), unmatched relief (firm yet flexible midsole). They proclaim to do more than just help subside plantar fasciitis issues, but also heel pain, knee pain, back pain, bunions, ball of foot pain, flat feet, aching legs, and chin pain.

You’ll find a huge selection of sandals, shoes and slippers from Orthaheel, which helps reduce over-pronation, helping keep your foot pain at bay. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and Dr. Andrew Weil both give Orthaheel their full and complete support.

For many years, plantar fasciitis was treated with pain killers or even surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately, those methods often had unwanted side effects or did not end the pain that they were suffering. Enter Orthaheel inserts which were used in shoes to help correct the problem physically on a daily basis. This approach has had a tremendous amount of success with little to no unwanted side effects. Plus, the overall cost of this approach is far less than some previous methods.

Today, Orthaheel inserts, shoes and orthotics are helping thousands of people overcome issues with their feet, including plantar fasciitis. Like with any product on the market, not everyone achieves the same level of comfort from wearing Orthaheel shoes, but for the vast majority they have provided pain relief. In many cases, the pain disappeared within hours of beginning to walk and move around in the Orthaheel shoes for the very first time thanks to the proper balance and stride that the shoes provide for the feet. It’s the type of physical relief that also uses no drugs or risky surgical procedures.


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