What Are The Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?

Running is a therapeutic activity for many who enjoy the freshness of the outdoors and the cardiovascular benefit they get from a mile or 10 mile run. One of the most important aspects of running long distances is finding a pair of shoes that will cushion the blow the best. For people who haven’t done their homework and bought a cheap $20 pair of shoes may find they’re experiencing considerable pain in their feet — pain that can be easily be corrected with a new pair. For some unfortunate souls, running often may mean more pressure on your feet that can lead some to dreaded plantar fasciitis problems. This is not something that will just go away with time — there are measures one must take to treat symptoms that are forming. All which can be done with mindful awareness.

Choose from the Top Plantar Fasciitis Running Shoes

It’s time to separate the contenders from the pretenders and zero in on the exact running shoes that make exercising indoors or outdoors much more manageable. Shoes specially designed to block out pain, distribute the shock throughout the shoe, and rely on excellent arch support are below.

I’ve highlighted and gone into extensive detail on the top three running shoes here, but you can get a glimpse of them below.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Alchemy 12 Running Shoe

Has all the latest technology in one glorious running shoe, including a mid sole ventilation system and Dynamotion Fit technology that reduces stress and creates the perfect fit.

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Brooks Men’s Dyad 7 Running Shoes

A slick looking and great fitting Brooks shoe that contains custom cushioning that contours to your feet, plus dual-pod construction for ultimate support.

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Reebok Men’s Zig Energy Running Shoe

This Reebok shoe uses ZipTech technology to help your key leg muscles do less so you can do more.

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Read more about our top plantar fasciitis running shoes now.

If you prefer a more casual walking shoe, you may want to look at our selection of Orthaheel and orthotic shoes to help you make a decision if you plan on lighter walking and activity.

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like waking up and not being able to walk, due to intense pain in your feet? Well, the thought may not be as farfetched as you’d imagine. In fact, this is exactly how most people who suffer from plantar fasciitis feel on a day to day basis. Plantar fasciitis is a disorder that develops as a result of the inflammation of the plantar fascia. This tissue is responsible for creating the shape and arch of our feet.

Unlike what most people may think, this disorder is not uncommon. Finding the right pair of running shoes for plantar fasciitis is a key element in preventing the disorder from developing even further, as well as in assisting with its cure. Some of the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis are designed with very good arch support that relieves the stress exerted on the arch during daily activities, such as standing, walking or running. This makes physical fitness much more manageable and won’t force you to cut your workout short and skip it all together.

The designers of plantar fasciitis running shoes also place strong emphasis on providing extra heel cushioning and support, along with a flexible toe box, thereby eliminating the buildup of direct pressure on the arch. Failure to invest in a good pair of shoes geared made to combat this disorder, can lead to serious downtime from regular daily activities, as well as costly visits to the orthopedic doctor for medical assistance.

If you’re a plantar fasciitis sufferer, it’s imperative you don’t take your chances on a shoe that will not give you the added support you require. Opting for a cheap pair is like playing with fire. It can lead to not only pain when running, but also from standing on a hard surface for a long period of time or just simply walking. Finding the shoe is important and that’s why we’ve gone into heavy detail on the top 3 you can buy and have confidence you’ll be well taken care of.

Win the battle against plantar fasciitis by purchasing a pair of these shoes today. These shoes are also ideal for outdoor activities that can lead to the development of plantar fasciitis. This simply means that everyone can win the fight against this disorder even before it begins to show signs and symptoms of its onset. Take the lead today and say no to plantar fasciitis by providing your feet with just the right conditions to stand up to constant pressure, body weight and daily wear and tear.


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