Using Arch Support Inserts and Shoe Insoles to Reduce Foot Pain

Arch support inserts are considered as some of the most vital components in the treatment of different forms of heel and arch pain, including conditions such as plantar fasciitis. They provide just the right support and cushioning along the contours of your feet, to prevent the buildup of pressure and subsequent injury to your feet while walking, running or even standing. Arch support insoles offer stability to the feet and reduce the chances of developing or aggravating plantar fasciitis. Bruising and straining of the fascia is one of the most painful conditions to have because you feel a pull with every step you take.

The purpose of inserts are to provide extra height and support in the fascia and heel area so their isn’t an extraordinary amount of pressure on one part of the foot or other. It helps even it out while giving a very cushion-y feel to the bottom of your foot, mostly alleviating the pressure of each step. When orthotic shoes don’t offer enough support, many people opt for insoles for their shoes.

Discovering the Top 2 Plantar Fasciitis Inserts Money Can Buy

When you’re searching for that little extra boost in your stride, and a little less pain in your heel, finding the right insert is an important measure in your life. Fortunately, over the counter inserts are not expensive, there just happen to be so many of them that it’s hard to distinguish the good from the bad. Fortunately, we’ve been able to narrow down the ones that you’ll want to look into. The following are two of the best shoe insoles currently available on the market:

Superfeet Green Premium Insoles


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These Superfeet plantar fasciitis insoles are made from synthetic material and provide maximum support for medium to high arches. They are ingeniously designed with a friction control top that minimizes the chances of developing blisters. The Superfeet Green Premium insoles constitute one of the best shoe insoles currently available for outdoor enthusiasts. With an inbuilt encapsulating stabilizer system, these insoles provide optimum support for even the most challenging of terrains. They are also fitted with foundation high density foam that promotes shock absorption and prevent moisture buildup. These insoles are coated with an Agion antimicrobial treatment that fights off odor causing germs. The price range is affordable, with special discounts also available.

Spenco Orthotic Full Length Arch Support RX


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Spenco is definitely one of the most recognized orthotic brands you’ll find and are constantly in a battle with Superfeet for the #1 household insole. These particular plantar fasciitis inserts are remarkably comfortable, thanks to their Spencore material exclusive cushioning layer. These insoles are fitted with a moldable arch insert that adjust around the contours of the arch and provide optimum support throughout daily activities. Spenco orthotic full length arch support RX are crafted from a 4 – way stretch fabric with Silpure antimicrobial treatment, making them one of the best shoes inserts for plantar fasciitis. Enjoy maximum comfort at a remarkable price!

We hope this insight helps you identify, locate, and buy a pair of inserts for plantar fasciitis that will last you a lifetime. You’ll notice these also have a number of positive reviews from hundreds of customers who have had success wearing them. Your life of pain free running and walking starts today with reliable and affordable insoles that won’t ever steer you wrong.

Some of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis are made from the finest quality of materials in the footwear industry, and their design involves the use of special technology, geared towards optimizing comfort levels throughout day to day activities. Shoe insoles can be divided into different categories according to their specific design and functional features:

  • Cushioned arch support: as the name rightly suggests, these insoles are crafted from very flexible materials that help to absorb shock and cushion the feet while standing, walking or running. These insoles are usually softer than the other types and are ideal for anyone seeking a more comfortable feel, while wearing shoes.
  • Rigid orthotics: these insoles are designed to provide maximum support to the feet. They are usually more rigid, as their name suggests, and are ideal for supporting weaker arches. Rigid orthotics acts like a brace for the arch and prevents any unwanted pressure buildup during daily ups and downs.
  • ¾ length arch supports: these insoles occupy only a part of the shoe bed, and can be easily moved from one pair of shoes to the other.  ¾ length arch supports are a great option for persons who change their shoes regularly, since these insoles can be easily swapped from one pair of shoes to the other.
  • Full length arch supports: these insoles are trimmed to fit the contours of your shoe bed. Once trimmed, the can be permanently utilized in the same pair of shoes, and in some instances, they can be used interchangeably between shoes with similar foot bed contours.


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